Catholic Volunteer Network, established in 1963, is a non-profit membership organization of 215 domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs.

  • Being in the Moment: God’s lesson

    By Sammy Eckrich, Colorado Vincentian Volunteers It is about 3:00 AM.  The gentle creaks of the Retreat Center sprinkle the solitary space with sound.  In the darkness, I can imagine the thirty…more

  • Fifth Sunday of Lent Reflection by Kate Fowler

    Lenten Reflections to support your spiritual journey over these forty days - brought to you by Catholic Volunteer Network and the Catholic Apostolate Center. Fifth Sunday of Lent Reflectionby…more

  • Searching for Charism: Melissa Feito - Loretto Volunteers, Washington DC

    “What does the world ‘charism’ even mean?!” In this podcast, Serving with Sisters Ambassador Melissa Feito takes us on a moving, surprising, and oftentimes comical journey to define the charism…more

  • Sisters in Service: Sr. Connie Bach - PHJC Volunteer Program

    In honor of National Catholic Sisters Week, Catholic Volunteer Network will share the perspective of sisters who started volunteer programs through CVN's From Service to Sisterhood initiative. Sisters…more

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